Your ability to effectively meet your customer's needs is the key to your business success. Staying competitive demands timely and decisive management and a constant focus on the key elements of your operation. But what about the other aspects of your business?

With every payroll, Finatra offers prompt and reliable service. You will feel secure that your payroll and tax needs are handled professionally by skilled associates. When you need us, we are there to help. Whether you have questions or special service requests, we give you the personal attention you deserve and acknowldge your individual business needs.

ELIMINATE the headaches…

With a Comprehensive Solution

It makes sense to find a solution that reduces your administrative responsibilities and increases productivity. Finatra offers the solution. Our expert payroll specialists review your payroll requirements; develop a custom plan to establish your data on a system; execute your payrolls on a regular schedule; and provide you with the necessary financial documentation for your records. With your payroll in the hands of knowledgeable professionals you can attend to other critical business functions.

Finatra offers comprehensive payroll and tax services so you can concentrate on the core competencies of your business. We are experts in executing payrolls and tax reporting for companies who want to maintain control of their business and reduce their exposure to financial penalties and liabilities. You receive "peace of mind" with our professional and personal service approach. Your payroll and tax requirements are handled accurately and confidentially.

A significant aspect of payroll is dealing woth your company's tax obligations. As the government imposes new and revised payroll tax laws, employers must comply to the changes in a timely manner. At Finatra, we maintain close contact with the government entities and ensure all mandated company reporting and payments are made.

ADHERENCE to government reporting


Is Less Taxing…

Special Needs Are Not a Problem…